Frequently asked Questions

As KnowYourDay improves are the updates going to be easy to install? 

KnowYourDay is always working to be better and more secure so we will have updates coming, these updates will be easy to install and will take very little time to do.

Is there a way to suspend the software for a period of time?

Yes, if you wanted KnowYourDay to not collect data for a brief period of time you can go to your system tray and select the KnowYourDay application. It will then give you an option to suspend KnowYourDay for anytime between 15 minutes or 24 hours, this can be useful if you are taking breaks at work. 

Why should I upgrade KnowYourDay instead of just using the standard package? 

If you like KnowYourDay you should consider upgrading your package all the extra features such as groups, reports, teams, targets and exports can be very helpful when managing your time and productivity. Also if you are working with other people the upgrade allows you to share data so that you can all see where you work best to improve productivity. 

Before I buy KnowYourDay is there I trial I can run?

In short, no. However, if you buy the standard package for $3/month then you can cancel at any time or upgrade if you decide you would like the extra features. 

If I need help with KnowYourDay who can I ask? 

If you need help with KnowYourDay you can get in touch with our team via the Contact tab, our team are always happy to help. 

When installing Knowyourday it asks for a license key where can this be found?

The KnowYourDay license key is found in the left-hand column of the setup page on the Hub, using this key will complete the setup. 

How do I uninstall KnowYourDay from my computer?

KnowYourDay can be uninstalled from your computer via the uninstall program. This can be found by typing "Uninstall Know Your Day" into the computer search bar, running this file will fully uninstall KnowYourDay from your computer!

As KnowYourDay is always running will it slow down my computer so it can collect data? 

KnowYourDay does run in the background, however, if you open task manager you will see that it uses no CPU, no memory and almost no disk. This means that KnowYourDay can run in the background whilst causing no negative effect on the performance of your computer!  Similarly the AI employee monitoring also uses no CPU, no memory and almost no disk.

What is the advantage of using KnowYourDay at work and at home?

KnowYourDay has many advantages when it comes to tracking progress, whilst using KnowYourDay you can see how much time you spend on each application, how many keystrokes are used. As well as seeing which days and what hours you work the most. All this data can then be used to help you get the most out of your time! 

Other advantages are that if you want to track your employee's progress and see what they spend their time on in the office then KnowYourDay makes that easy to do.

Why should I choose KnowYourDay instead of the other software on the market?

KnowYourDay is a unique software and there is really nothing else like it. KnowYourDay is an intelligent software that, when tracking your performance, can show you all your data on many simple to read graphs. No other software on the market has this ability!

Is my data free for anyone to see, is KnowYourDay safe?

KnowYourDay is very concerned with the safety of your data and your privacy. Therefore KnowYourDay is build to reflect that when using KnowYourDay all the collected data is stored in the Hub which is build to be as secure as possible! If you are working with an employer they may have set up your account so that they can see your data. However, if you are working for yourself only you can see your data and track yourself!

KnowYourDay also doesn't collect any personal data, they only collect the data needed to show keystrokes and time spent. 

How do I download KnowYourDay on my computer so that I can track my performance?

When you are on the Hub go to the Setup tab, here you will find all the download links for KnowYourDay. We have links for both Mac and Windows computers!

KnowYourDay is Security Aware and employees can be reassured that there is:

NO email monitoring
NO screenshots are ever captured or taken
NO keystroke capturing