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Health and Wellbeing Articles



Interstitial Cystitis: What It Is All About

Put simply, it is a bladder infection — or, interstitial cystitis [IC], in medical parlance. The presenting symptom of the condition is often a feeling, or an intense urge, to urinate frequently.



Avoid Fad Diets & Lose Weight Sensibly

Millions today are overweight and unhealthy.

It is not uncommon, therefore, for many adults to embark on new dietetic experiments and diet plans at any given point in time, and at the drop of a new “formula.”


Food Labels: Read Between The Lines

For those of us who are health- and nutrition-conscious, shopping for provisions is a cause of concern and uncertainty.

This is further compounded by the fact that most supermarkets and malls stock over 10,000 such products. A confusing maze!


Mend Your Heart Before It Bends You

Do you know that heart disease is an entirely new, modern-day phenomenon? May be, you don’t — thanks to its growing prevalence — or, you do.

This is in sharp contrast to what was once thought, especially at the beginning of the last century: heart disease was not a recognised condition. This was also one foremost reason why it was not as widespread, or as frequent, than what it is today.


Yours Essentially: Omega-3 & Omega-6

There are two forms of essential fats: omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Their balance is vital for optimal health and healthy longevity.


Waste” Line: The Long & Short Of It

Research suggests that if you substantially reduce your intake of calories, you will live longer. In addition, you will remain healthier with fewer disease invasions. To name a few: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


Breast Cancer: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There is no sure cure for breast cancer. The best thing one could do, at any age, is prevention — prevention, which is better than cure. Here is a simple approach you can depend upon to catch the earliest sign of cancer. It can also help you to take appropriate action in the presence and/or absence of a relevant clue.


Those Moody Blues

Research has shown that certain individuals are more prone to depression at certain times in life. Depression in women, for instance, may first occur at puberty because of the pressures of becoming a young woman. But, there is more to depression that what meets the mind.


Halt Aging In Its Tracks!

Aging is inevitable, yes; but, you can sure slow it down with good effect. Here’s how —

The process of aging begins the moment we are born. The signs become noticeable when we are in our 20s, because the process of aging is genetically programmed and chronologic.


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