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Astrology Zodiac Signs

Your Sun Sign Explained

The Zodiac, as you may be aware, is made up of 12 different Sun signs.

Your date of birth determines which one you belong to.

Here is detailed information related to your Sun sign, and what makes you so unique, as an individual. Find out yours — right away!

Aries [March 21-April 20]

This is the first sign. Persons born under Aries are assertive, direct, and frank. They can also be aggressive, stern, and restless. They can be single-minded too — this can make them reach goals, but also from time to time make them tactless, and irritable. Aries likes challenges; they make excellent leaders. Hence, it is not uncommon for them to be argumentative and get into a tussle!

They can inspire others, and be inspired just as well.

When in love, Aries does not take a “no” for an answer; they like to keep their love fires burning. They crave for excitement and passion. They can also be jealous. Hence, they need constant attention.

Aries males can be rugged; the female can be a Wild Woman, and even a goddess.

Quick thinkers, Aries may often be susceptible to headaches and bouts of nervousness. They need to keep their eye on their haemoglobin level and maintain good muscle and heart health.

When Aries is around there will never be a dull moment at home. They are just as good at work. They get involved, and like to express themselves freely. Not for them the need to taking orders. They are always eager to explore new experiences, and opportunities. They do well in creative pursuits, and in areas such as sales/marketing, consulting, and contractual work.

As far as finance is concerned, Aries can be impulsive spenders. They first spend, and only think later.

If you are an Aries you sure can be generous, but you would do well if you allowed someone else to manage and run your finances — better!

Taurus [April 20-May 21]

People born under taurus sign are quite down-to-earth, with their feet placed firmly on the ground. They are dependable, even though they tend to be conservative and, at times, far too cautious. They are often wealthy, and are perfectly content even in the absence of change. They desire harmony, and love the harmony of the countryside. In other words, they love nature and the environment, the parks and the gardens

Taurus is calm, composed, and solid, in the midst of storms — be it their home, or the workplace. They are the ones you can rely upon in the face of danger, or emergency. They are sometimes subject to being complacent, and resistant to change. They can be lazy too. Not for Taurus the solace of New Age mantras or books — they are often earthy and materialistic.

Taurus loves stability and security. When in love Taurus stays in love — no two ways about it. They expect the same in return. Since Taurus does not like change, they may show streaks of jealousy if their partnership is threatened in any way. They like the long haul — not fleeting romantic moments alone.

Taurus is prone to thyroid problems — or, problems related to metabolism. But, they make good crooners, or singers.

They are good home-makers, and have a fine sense of aesthetic taste. They love home, and also long for comfort, security, and peace of their homes. They love cooking too — though they may not convert what they eat into energy! In other words, they are subject to overweight problems.

Taurus likes a good opportunity, and long-time financial stability. They make excellent employees — and, display their talents in areas such as writing, the arts, and music.

Taurus attracts money; they acquire not only wealth, but also possessions. They can be greedy at times. Overall, though, they are more than likely to share their prosperity with those they love best

Gemini [May 21-June 22]

Gemini is an air sign — it signifies the mind. It is also a sign that denotes change. People born under this sign are alert, energetic, and often lead a dualistic existence — they lead as many lives as they can, and all of them at one time. They are, however, quite simple, but curious — they find out what they want too quickly, and move onto the next thing that appeals to them with the same intention.

Good communicators, Gemini can camouflage the real meaning of their expressions and ideas with sublime effect. They can be witty, quick, and flexible — ironically, they can also excel in their sarcasm, glib, and guile. Masters of invention, people born under the sign are often intelligent and adaptable — they never withdraw from trying something new.

They can also be erratic and unthankful.

They sure have a wide array of interests, thanks to their quick mind and grasp.

A sign of relationships bordering on the casual, Gemini can also be charming, genuine, and generous only when you hold their interest. Not otherwise. This is the most difficult part.

They are often victims of stress and nervous exhaustion. Hence, they would be ideal candidates that can derive benefit from meditative practice and vitamin supplements, especially B-complex.

Gemini is at home wherever they are — they also don’t sit still. Even when at home, Gemini is the type that constantly seeks communication. Result — the ‘phone line is often busy!

Gemini loves new challenges at the workplace — work that does not stimulate their mind isn’t just good enough for them. Think of communication, again. Gemini folks make good writers, broadcasters and public relation experts. They often shine in areas such as advertising, and in selling products, or ideas.

Money does not concern Gemini. Information does — including buying information.

Cancer [June 22-July 23]

On one side, people born under Cancer are said to be too sensitive, quick to hurt, and, therefore, withdrawn. On the other, they are praised for their warmth, sympathy, understanding, and support when you need them in full measure.

At the top of their proficiency, they are trustworthy, loving, adaptable to change, and unselfish. At their worst, they can be extremely susceptible, glum, and overwhelmed. They can also be distracted and confused. They don’t often reveal their fears — they only try to cover them.

People born under the sign are sensitive to dairy products, and also susceptible to tummy problems and obesity. They are just as sensitive to cold and warm climate, and their emotional mechanism may swing from one extreme to the other, at times. Vitamin A supplements may often be useful for them — to put them back on track.

They are at their best in their own homes — where the place smells good and nice. In other words, a perfect place for relaxation and meditation! They tend to pets — like no other sign — and, this is almost second nature to them.

People born under the sign are quite skilful and intuitive to change — in sharp contrast to popular belief. They often carry a vision statement with them. Creativity comes to them naturally, and they make good writers and artists. Their work can connect them to anyone — thanks to their simplistic sensibilities. They also make good teachers.

Money does not give them security. It also makes them selfish, because no amount of money offers them the kind of secure comfort they long for, or desire.

Leo [July 23-August 22]

Leos are often self-confident individuals — always in the limelight. They are courageous, creative, and fun to be around with. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and when they go to a party they often enliven it no end. Born leaders, they are always at the top of the line, and also pride. They don’t give up anything easily, or without a fight. They are at their best with their creative instincts, self-expression, and go-getting abilities.

A fixed sign, Leos can be tough, stubborn, and habit-prone — in spite of their self-assured and realistic nature. On the one hand, they can be generous to a fault and, on the other, far too pushy, and hollow. They can lead from the front to great victories; at the same time, they can be merciless with their enemies. All the same, they are quick to forgive wrong-doers, thanks to their short memories.

They get easily carried away by praise. This explains why they are often surrounded by sychophants. But, think of a Leo, and you are assured of loyalty at all times — no going back on the given word.

Loyal in love relationships too, Leos expect adulation. They like to be treated like kings!

Strong in physical attributes and also emotion, Leos who don’t keep themselves active and in shape, are subject to back and heart problems.

Leos like to live life king-size. They think of their homes as palaces, and enjoy throwing fabulous parties at the drop of a thought. They also like order and decorum.

They like to glow in their careers — this is reason enough for them to choose careers that will give them the chance to do so. They can also be inspiring to others — and, they often do well in performing arts, teaching, consultancy, management, corporate etc.,

Image is everything to a Leo, so also bank balance. Royal in their generosity, Leos don’t believe in the idea of a bargain or discount sale.

Virgo [August 22-September 22]

Fussy. Perfect. Practical. This is Virgo for you. Good in examining the finer details, or analyses, Virgos make responsible individuals. They have a ken for perfection and constant refinement necessary to reach that objective. Virgos appear calm from outside, but deep within they are constantly restless, seeking, and understanding or fixing things. A model of consistency, efficiency, and skilful at solving problems, Virgos tend to think far too much. This is what that gives them the ability to find faults at every step in the way.

Master organisers, Virgos carry a commitment and are more than willing to ensure that everything works fine and smooth — no matter the nature of a given task, be it big or small.

Virgins are often fixated in seeking the perfect mate — they also love the pleasures of intimacy and personal growth. They adore the fruits of consummated love — and, they tend to take care of those they care about. In so doing, they bring clarity to anything they do, including their relationships.

Virgos tend to be paranoid about health — they also, therefore, make that extra effort to know about health, disease, herbs, and medications like the palm of their hand. Virgos are often prone to intestinal affections, mainly because they love to eat too quickly. They also avoid going to office when they have trouble out there — or, when their dedication to a given project is questioned. Anxiety is another common malady with Virgos — they would do well to take vitamin-mineral supplements to keep their anxiety at bay.

You can spot a Virgo home quite easily — connect neatness, efficiency and organised living, and you have it all. This, of course, does not make it easy for those who enter and don’t keep things as they are!

Virgos worship beauty — a thing of beauty, for them, is a joy forever.

Virgos at work are a delight on your work team — they bring not only a method, but also precision to their work. Good planners, organisers, and finishers, Virgos are often strong in both the frills and finer points. They want to do everything to the best of plans, exactness, and action. Any job that requires details suits them best.

Virgos are just as organised when it comes to money and finance — they make reliable money managers, and often stick to allocated budget plans.

Libra [September 22-October 23]

Active. Charming. Diplomacy. These attributes come naturally to Librans. They like initiating things, and reach the finishing line quickly. They are constantly on the move, and enjoy life’s various delights immensely. They make great social beings, and make friends quickly. Idealistic to a fault, Librans can often get verbal about their lofty principles and ideals with anyone willing to listen to them.

Ironically, some Librans can be two-faced, conciliating, and unsure of themselves. If they wish to please, they may not care for their own sensibilities. The best thing they can do for themselves and others, in the context, is to find the balance — both in things and relationships.

Romantic and sometimes inconsistent, Librans love to be loved. Most often, they need to set the mood for their love to spring and match with their deepest desires.

As far as health is concerned, Librans are vulnerable to back and kidney problems — this is because of their nature to bottle up things within their mind. Or, because of their uncompromising ideals. They would do well to “up” their water intake, and take supplements such as vitamin E, and the flavonoids.

Librans love artefacts, and any work of art; they also relish the comfort and luxury life has to offer in all its bounty. The only problem with them, sometimes, is their slowness in taking decisions or bringing harmonious balance to their ideals in the face of being practical. Their homes mirror beauty and a great sense of taste and elegance.

At the workplace, Librans bring a sense of mature balance. They have leadership traits in them, and can achieve great results. They also make capable teachers, counsellors, and expert fashion and interior designers.

Librans think of money as an important element of life, but not an absolute priority. They are more liable to invest in things and people, and not so much in bonds and long-term securities.

Scorpio [October 23-November 22]

Strong. Insightful. Sharp. This sums up Scorpios. They carry mystery like a venomous sting — and, also change life into death. People born under this sign tend to be combatants, and very intensely focused. They also have what is called as the bulldog tenacity — they simply don’t give up!

Feelings, not appearances, are their motto. This also makes them insensitive to change — rather, they are averse to change. They have enormous patience to wait, and make things happen the way they want at the right moment. They are seekers and curious to know what lies beneath the surface. They regulate both the beginning and the end, literally speaking. You may sometimes think that persons born under this sign are dull-witted, without a sense of humour. You could be wrong, because beneath the veneer of intensity, Scorpios can also bring in a touch of enthusiasm and energetic passion!

Popular opinion has it that Scorpios know how to achieve their ends — any which way they like. This is possibly due to their power sexuality. But, they can also be tenderly compelling.

In matters of the heart, Scorpios may dwell deep into others’ hearts — they don’t often reveal their own. But, when they feel for you, they will share an excitement like no other sign. They can attract and also reject if something goes wrong somewhere — the warning is never hurt a Scorpio in love! Also, give a thought to a Scorpio’s varying moods and emotions, and you’ll be happier for it.

Scorpios are victims of bowel inactivity, or constipation, and reproductive affections. However, they make excellent physicians. They would do well to eat a good deal of fibre in their diet and also take zinc supplements

Scorpios love power — they want everyone at home to toe their diktat. Yet, they can be charming to their kids and spouse. Personal loyalty is central for them — no compromise on that. When they feel low, they like to brood alone and be left undisturbed.

Scorpios love change, and a career that is built on change, improvisation, and strategy. The more the creative avenues, the better their transforming instincts. Scorpios make good doctors and healers; they can also be exceptionally good in a career in science and/or research. They can do well in environmental studies and concerns — and, in management and finance — thanks to their probing mind.

When it comes to money, Scorpios know how to bring balance to the dynamics of power and money, and vice versa. They are quiet achievers — they muster good cash flow without fanfare and use it to accomplish what they want to, but only when required.

Sagittarius [November 22-December 22]

Sagittarius finds comfort in seeking meaning to everything around them — this makes them true gypsies, students, and philosophers. Focused as they generally are, Sagittarius often gravitate towards experience as the best teacher, although they make great party animals who love to have loads of fun. They also seek new places and horizons to explore and also share them with others.

They are born optimists, honest, or even upfront. They have a sense of directness to anything they do. Hence, they love freedom and independence.

That their optimism can make them sightless to details is one drawback, if any. The other is — they are prone to miss important dates and deadlines. Their honesty sure provides them the means to make amends, even when they sound blunt and terse. This is not all. They are prone to settled opinion, or dogma. They also tend to be preachy, rather than accept a mistake as and when it occurs.

They love exclamations in their love life, though they may not as often be as committed as one would want to. When they find their true love, they are much better off — although they may have their own fan-following! They also love adventure — not so much of “settling down” in a relationship. They love surprises — as long as they are not at the receiving end.

Since they are often in a hurry to complete tasks even before they begin, Sagittarius are prone to suffer from nervous exhaustion and confusion. They are also subject to self-indulgence and excesses, especially alcohol, sugar, and fat, often losing sight of the large image. They would do well to take vitamin supplements and molybdenum to keep their liver ticking.

Think of entertainment, there’s no one better than people born under this sign. Their home is like a pavilion, always prepared to provide you with all the action and fun.

Think of a Sagittarius on your ideas’ team at the workplace — you’d have got it right. It also helps because people born under this sign are good communicators and carry a wry sense of humour with them. They also make good photographers, and have an inclination to gamble. You will find them in education, the legal system, health and medicine, foreign service, import and export, sales, and tourism. When you seek inspiration in your team, just have a Sagittarian around!

They sure carry a streak of irresponsible nature as far as money and resources are concerned. Another problem is — their tendency to go overboard makes them vulnerable to borrowing money to get their way through. But, thanks to their ability to play with their luck, they manage to wriggle themselves out of financial trouble just as well.

Capricorn [December 22-January 21]

Goal-specific, focused and practical, Capricorns don’t rush — they wait for the right moment to jog their way ahead. Once they reach the top, they stay put and try to achieve greater heights.

Nobody has the sort of self-control that Capricorns exhibit, thanks to their down-to-earth nature. For them the mind is more powerful than matter — this explains why they can accept responsibility and fluidity in any given situation. They also bring balance and patience, and know how to nurture their nature and meet responsibilities.

Solitude comes to them naturally, because Capricorns know that it can be lonely at the top of the summit. This makes them ambitious, organised, practical, and also scheming, and damn stiff. They can be ruthless and kind at the same time.

They love stability in their love life, despite their cold exterior — when you find the right Capricorn who has won your heart, you will find them display intense feelings of passion and care. Comfort seems to be more relaxing than romance to some Capricorns all right, but they are also not averse to exploring new ways to make their love grow.

Pessimistic, Capricorns are, however, known for their healthy longevity, so long as they don’t get corrupted with power. They are prone to bone affections such as arthritis and rheumatic disease. They will need calcium and vitamin supplements to manage these conditions better.

They love the privacy of their home and also its comfort. They are basically admirers of tradition, and won’t, therefore, accept change in their living quickly.

At the workplace, Capricorns like to take hold of things — they won’t ever relax, not until their ambitions are fulfilled. They are willing to share their knowledge with others — but, they understand that power comes only with money.

Once they reach the summit they have visualised for themselves, Capricorns can be kind and generous.

Aquarius [January 21-Febuary 19]

Unconventional and eccentric, Aquarians have an inclination to absorb the intellect of existence. They are always seeking invention and change — and, they tend to be open, approachable and progressive, in their thought and action. However, they can be quite dogmatic, and inflexible, too. They dwell on advanced ideas, and would not stand those that don’t understand them. They sure have an affinity for water — this gives them that sublime humane touch among all Sun signs.

Though they sometimes give the impression they are cold, aloof, and withdrawn, Acquarians display high idealistic values, innovation, and originality. They care a damn for convention or divisions based on race, colour, or creed. They are normal, although they may carry some of the weirdest of ideas up on their sleeve!

They love freedom in relationships, and are creative in their love partnerships. They are reluctant to change, and once a relationship is established this is all they would consider as being the only path, the right path to life and living.

The ankle seems to be the most delicate part for people born under this sign. So, also the heart and the circulatory system. They need to, therefore, eat right, and follow a healthy diet regimen. They would do well to take vitamin and mineral supplements, along with magnesium to keep their heart healthy.

Home for Aquarius is something that should be open to all — whosoever comes is welcome.

Intelligent, clever, and original, Aquarius are creative individuals — they are sure to excel in any creative pursuit they undertake. They make good broadcasters, innovators, and revolutionaries — they are always associated with ideas and can offer creative solutions to the most complex of issues or problems.

They carry a vision to the future — this holds good for their money too. They make well-judged investments with an eye for tomorrow, not today.

Pisces [February 19-March 21]

Dreamers, Pisces belong to the imaginative brigade — they live in a world of illusion and also faith. They sure dream for their own sake, and welfare — and, they know how to swim well against the tide. This is what fish do, right?

Pisces is a very intuitive sign. People born under this sign are sensitive and believe in maintaining boundaries. They want to know how they feel, not what others feel. Their vision is so deeply fixed in philosophical and spiritual pursuits that they are easily deceived by people — because they often think that everyone in this world is like them!

Kind, considerate, emotional and sympathetic, Pisces can also be shy and informal; they can think of unlikely probabilities too. Not that they are averse to change. They change only when they feel that the change is for the better — not because somebody told them.

Artistically sensitive, Pisces live by faith.

They like to look into the inner soul of people they love — hence, they are truly in pursuit of perfect soul mates. They are disappointed if the feeling is not reciprocated. What’s more, they are swift to trust, and just as easily hurt.

They have a tendency to retain water and, hence, subject to obesity. They are prone to suffer from sprains, and fracture, if they don’t take care of themselves. Immunity is another area they need to take care of — this is best achieved with vitamin-mineral supplements, or complex. They would do well to keep distance from alcohol too.

Pisces’ home is an abode of spirituality. They find great comfort in the setting, though others may not. They love to meditate, and are often in the quest of exploring spiritual paths.

At the workplace, Pisces brings both imagination and realism — they do well in business, politics, and management, thanks to their sensitive nature and intuitive powers. They often tend to be in the background— and, hence, prone to develop a sense of manipulative skill in most things they do. But, they are always awake — open and conscious to their beliefs and responsibilities.

When it comes to money, Pisces can be easily taken for a ride. They may put in their money in ill-fated investments, and may be let down by friends who advised in them. They may not be able to make money through business on their own, yes. But, they sure can help others make money with their ideas and insights.


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