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2007 Astrology Horoscope


2007 Sign by Sign


You lead your people with a great deal of optimism and enthusiasm through this great year. You simply see much farther then others. Your career and status takes the high ground in winter. You assemble friends and neighbours, colleagues, and siblings around you in March and you are very much in demand. In April, you express yourself in ways that communicate your leadership. Love comes to you in many ways. Until mid May you wrap up loose ends, and then until the end of June you step up to the plate and take things into your hands, since no one else is capable of leading. To lead is to serve. Financial affairs peak in July. In summer, you use smart & fast talk as weapon of choice. You attend many projects, but do not overdo it then, chances are you take on too much. Your home front needs your attention in fall. Possibly, you end up the year having to deal with reviewing family affairs. Take a break the last 7 weeks of 2007, things slow down for you.


You would like to be popular and be seen with 'friends in high places' in winter. There is an air of tasteful superiority about you, while you network and seek to impress people. In spring, you do start to make a good impression and expand your accumulation and hoarding potential. Summer means home sweet home for you, when your clan needs you. The six weeks from 7/27 to 9/7, your ruler Venus is backward in Leo. Matters of the heart require your attention. An old flame might resurface, relationships look testy, and you may want to revamp your home and surroundings really altogether then. In fall, you must work hard and commit yourself to a person, cause, or task. Forces synchronize better by then for you. Partnerships and alliances are highlighted nicely by year's end. However, your portfolio needs some reassessment then too. Who you are matters, not what you have. A smart move would be to exchange belongings into art, or better even, produce art yourself.


In 2007, your partnerships, business alliances, and maybe the amount of hidden enemies will be augmented or enhanced. It is important you see details of agreements as well as be able to keep an eye to the big picture. Chances are a stranger enters your life, you will learn a foreign language in order to adapt to the new phase of your life. Communications turn iffy when Mercury plays his tricks from Valentine's Day to March 9. A faraway friend - detached from reality - might come back into your mind. Try to reconnect. It is not a time for long distance travel then. 6/15 - 7/9 and 10/11 - 10/23 are not good times to sign agreements, but rather, you must protect your information sources carefully. In spring, you feel like losing your mind if you do not focus task by task, and issue by issue. Most of the year carries an enormous volatility and mutability in your charted life. You have to be selective. Hidden matters show at year's end. You see many chances and equal challenges. Pick one!


Financially, the situation may tighten up until September. Work loads until December are huge. Partners and business allies may act up in winter or be very demanding on you. Spring is a time for intellectually driven new projects. Your career demands you focus on it, and at the same time in May, you are being appreciated. 6/14 to 7/11 is a time to be protective of your secrets. Summer is a time for you to network. Money matters, barters, and exchanges are coming under revision in August & September. In October, you finally feel emotionally secure and take the lead. Promote yourself! Do not control others. November and December you are put on hold, but the upside therein lies in the fact that you get some deserved rest for yourself or a chance to review the complex progress. You avoided a few obstacles. Now you get a 2nd take to break through, maybe with a new ally, or a large institution, but certainly, 2007 will leave you very changed.


Born from 8/10 - 8/18 you get two more chances for the promotion you may not have yet deserved last year. Born after 8/18 you only have July and August to get it right, during which time you must succeed and adapt your high maintenance levels to the reality surrounding you. Avoid longer term commitments until mid April. However, try using that time to learn a spiritual and visionary approach from one of your best allies. Partners are still your nebulous zone. Relationships are redefined; loyalties dissolve or pass the test of time. In winter, you must seek funding for your expansion in September. The entire year is challenging for you, and yet as of mid August you can cruise ahead, feeling loved, and expanding your artistic talent, creativity as well as managerial qualities that are always yours. They will be in high demand. From September onwards you need to watch excessive spending, as your finances become sorely tested for two years. Unload useless ballast, possessions, and people!


Your home front expands all year long. Maybe a new and larger home is due, the clan grows, and maybe the home is relocated faraway. In any event, you reach out and set up new roots. The total full moon eclipse of 8/28 highlights your past life. Where did you come from? What was your purpose? How do you adapt it into these new times? Partnerships still take on an entirely new meaning as you try to discern which allies will best serve the new cause you embraced a while ago. In winter, you work very hard, and your loved ones are here for the roll call. April and May, you are spread thin, between expanding business partnerships, communications for your career, and being sought as the source for venture capital. August you must earmark for a relaxing vacation to recharge your batteries. As of September, the climate gets a lot tougher. Saturn takes a 2-year trek in your sign. Your meticulous approach and discriminating taste will serve you well. You may be instrumental in developing new useful services.


This year begins on a breezy note. Relations are open-ended, detached, and friendly. You have to attend home matters in winter. Love is too fast for you in March. People are slightly too self-serving for your taste. Short distance trips could be many all year long, probably having to do with a new study course you embark on. Your community service and networking capacity enhance all year long. In May and June, you have no choice but to see situations from the viewpoints of your partner and associates. Intellectual pursuits, discoveries, relating to others, and circulating around groups take on a completely new meaning for you during summer. 7/27 to 9/7 is, however, a time when you need to revise your relational differential. September and October, you come back to your old form. Saturn aspects your solar 12th house, the zone of seclusion and spiritual understanding. Your interests change totally.


With both Jupiter and your ruler Pluto in your second solar house, you need to expand your resources. Chances are that many opportunities come your way during 2007. Your immediate neighborhood and circles of friends deserve your undivided attention in winter. Your work output is very professional during in spring. Your career is tested until early September. You must blend in, and shape shift, as diverging forces pull you toward different interest levels this year. From end of March to early September, your transformative potential must turn inward. After that time, you can enhance your net worth via outer changes. July your relations need work. The question now is if last year's expansion was wise. Verify if what you have achieved last year was in the interest of those you cooperate with. They will let you know. Relax from mid November on for 6 weeks and enjoy your popularity.


This is your grand year, no doubt about that; this is when the world comes to you, and/or you go see the world. Everything you worked and strived for in over a decade must happen now in 2007. Many people will look at you for guidance and counsel. You must now become a lighthouse and pathfinder to them. April and May, your family needs your attention. In addition, you must see others views too. 4/6 to 8/8 is a period in which to review the progress and take one-step back, as the expansion deserves an intelligent refuelling stop, to adjust to the outer changes. You will never settle for less than total freedom and independence after that time. In August and September, however, you must integrate the smart moves of other allies in your quest. No man and no woman is an island, you will see that we are all inter-dependent. In fall, your career is in for a test. A promotion is due by the end of 2007. Family members may act up if it means to travel far away. The net worth will be worth it.


Winter 2007 starts out on a strong note with Mars in your sign for 6 weeks until the end of February. You must graft for the long haul, yet know that until 4/18 you cannot commit in any direction. After that time, ruler Saturn goes direct in your eighth solar house, when you may experience both pain and pleasure for most of the year. All of 2007 you need to integrate your fluctuating notions of 'high net worth' or upper scale values with the demands of the little people. You live in new times. You must bridge the gap between the old established and the revolutionary new advances society is about to engage in. Communications and expressiveness take on new forms. Your quest for things spiritual needs an overhaul, lest you be hopelessly left behind in the dust. Do not isolate; start learning what others have to say, and question authority. Plan for the unexpected, while adapting to what is out of your control. Your perennial wisdom is appreciated at year's end, when growth looms large.


Born 1/27 - 2/5 it is your turn to taste Chiron's healing power. Where is your incurable wound? What is your sore spot in life? Why are you here in this lifetime in the first place? In which ways are you different from others? During 2007, you must deal with these themes. Those are big-ticket issues, not small stuff. As 2007 opens you might want to spend 2 months just thinking about your own self in detached space, while envisioning how you will heal the world around you and teach your particular brand of 'personal freedom' and individualism. Fighting city hall is good. Linking the city halls of the world into one big global village would be even better. In addition, networks as well as causes will be many for you to choose from. Partnerships are tested until early September. From 6/22 to 11/22, your rebellious streak must turn inwards. You experience psychic shifts of awareness for many years to come. 2007 is merely a taste of what has yet to come. Assist a Pisces, aim towards bliss!


Cosmic destiny highlights you in 2007. 3/3 is a key marker because a total eclipse of the moon is on you starting a new cycle of life. Where were you 19 years ago? Where will you be in 19 years? Uranus is on the eclipse in Pisces - demanding the spiritual rebellion gets under way now. Washington & Gorbachev were Pisceans. It takes your vision for the ground swell of the revolt to begin. Spring sees you in charge. Meanwhile your career gets a 12-year massive boost from co-ruler Jupiter all year long, and by year's end, Pluto gives you an overdose to go for the overkill. Forget the sand bar, think success! Commoners mistake tiger shark for gold fish. Show them it is not so. Past September - for the next two years - you must get serious in your business alliances. Select a wise, organized partner to be your co-pilot in the adventure called cosmic revolution. Recruit a Virgo for the job - in tandem you network, serve, and build a noble cause. Discover new land in Waterworld to outlast all.

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