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"2006 Chinese Astrology"

2006: What Does The "Chinese Zodiac" Dog Foretell For You?

People born in the Year of Dog are trustworthy, smart and talented. They are subject to mood swings, yes, but they are by nature stable individuals. They are often intense. They may not, by intention, hurt someone's sensibilities, although they are prone to practice favouritism and also lend a helping hand to those they truly like, or love.

They are also known to listen to the words, or advice, of people whom they love and trust.

Significance For "Chinese Astrology 2006"

2006 is slated to be a stable year for the zodiac, Dog. No real, or tangible ups and downs.

Hard work holds the key to succeed, though- and, if you really want to achieve good results, you need to aim and focus on achievable goals. Besides, you'd need to complete them with perseverance. If you don't put in your best effort, there is little you can achieve.

As far as males are concerned, their good fortune will be steady and advancing. However, the best thing you can do to achieve your objectives and goals is by believing in yourself and your ability - because, there are not too many people willing to give you the helping hand. More so, when your chips are down!

Also, keep away from unwanted distractions; distractions won't do your cause any good..

Women have a much better luck component, this year, than their male counterparts. It won't be easy to attain your goals though, unless you run that extra mile yourself. It will also be good to know that once you reach your goals, you should really reward yourself. Don't be stingy!

Your children should be taken care of with love and understanding. Otherwise, they will sure give you trouble - for being abrasive!

Career in "2006 Chinese Astrology"

Your career and business will be on the upswing as per the "chinese astrology". But, beware of mounting expenses! So, keep a tight hold on your expenses - especially those that are needless.

You will be helped in your career endeavours by friends and others. For those of you in a job, you may look forward to a raise or promotion.
Remember the golden rule - the year will only be better if you stick to hard work and discipline.

Finance in "2006 Chinese Astrology"

Income will sure be good this year as per the"chinese astrology". Therefore, your savings should increase. If you have money to spare, you'd sure think of investing in the stock market - for better returns. However, don't simply jump into scrips/stocks and indulge in speculation. Study the market well before you invest. Or, seek the advice of a consultant. Lending money, however, would not be a good thing to do - you may burn your fingers!

Health & Wellness "2006 Chinese Astrology"

Stress is inevitable in our world, but this year it's going to be more. Try to unwind, meditate, and relax. If you don't, there is every likelihood of your blood pressure going up, with admission to hospital being a distinct possibility. Travel is best avoided. If travel is a must, please do take extra precautions and safety measures before embarking on a trip.

Love & Relationship in "2006 Chinese Astrology"

If you are in love and want to marry the girl you love, think twice. The first half of the year may not be good for marriage, although the later part quite is. Choose a marriage date carefully, or seek the advice of an expert. If you are single, there is a likely possibility of finding the right spouse. When you meet such a person, you'll be amazed to find that you knew each other for many moons!

Your relationships at home and family, with friends and colleagues, will be smooth - no real problems seen, but it would help if you maintain a sense of inner calm and understanding.


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